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The Harrigan Foundation creates opportunities for addiction treatment and housing for those in financial need and develops cutting edge training opportunities and educational materials for the layman and professionals in the fields of mental health and addiction treatment.

The Harrigan Foundation has a program called The First Responders Treatment which provides scholarships for treatment through our alumni and other fundraising projects. Our initial focus is to ensure that all veterans and their families who need treatment for an addictive disorder or trauma recovery will be able to receive what they need regardless of financial circumstances. Many of our returning service men and women especially the National Guard are being left with out the resources they need to get the help they need after serving their country. We also believe that no veteran should be homeless after servicing his or her country to this end we have established an effort to create opportunities for housing for veterans that need homes through our Harrigan Homes Fund.

The Foundation believes that every one is entitled to have the best treatment available regardless of personal circumstances. We believe that the best treatment is holistic incorporating support for a persons mind, body, and spirit. We believe that the best practices from Eastern and Western medicine coupled with the best in brain science and self-help practices make for the best treatment models. We also believe that employment and housing are essential to recovery. To this end it is our Philosophy to provide through the Foundation opportunities for treatment, housing and education.

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